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Our Privacy Policy:

Baani Crafts is crochet and crafting brand who always tries to provide valuable ideas and designs to the visitors. Like every brand, we have usage and privacy policy and here we will try to explain it in a better way for a better understanding of our visitors. We have this policy for our followers and for all of those who visit our website. By visiting our website, you will be allowed to use and follow our ideas personally but you can not copy the content and ideas due to copyright issues. We do not allow our visitors to copy our data and use it for a similar purpose we are using.

By visiting and using our site you have to agree with our cookie and usage policy. Cookies are some kind of data that could be sent to the visitors’ computer or web browser for collecting specific information. This web application can tailor its activities to your needs, i.e. your likes and dislikes by collecting the data about you. We use cookies to know which pages are being mostly used and visited. By accepting the policy, we can also get the information about which pages and posts you have visited. Regarding your privacy, if we get any information from your side, we will not disclose it to any third party for better customer services.

We use cookies only to check which pages are being used mostly. This encourages us to break down information about page traffic and improve our site so as to tailor it to client needs. We just utilize this data for measurable research purposes and afterward, the information is expelled from the framework. Generally, the cookies assist us in giving you the best site, by empowering us to screen which pages you discover valuable and which you don’t. These cookies never give us access to your PC or any personal data about you, other than the information you decide to impart to us. You can decide to allow or disallow cookies to collect data from your side. Mostly, internet browsers collect data automatically with the help of cookies but you can set your browser to disallow the cookies regarding the automatic data collection. But it is the fact that with this, you will not be able to get full advantage of the website.

Since we have a contact us page, you can contact us anytime regarding any queries regarding our website. You will find a form on the said page for submitting your query or feedback where your personal information has been asked. We use this information only for getting back to you to resolve the queries. You will never be asked to pay anything for the crochet patters, ideas, designs or crafting work. The controller information has been given below:

Website: https://www.baanicrafts.com
Email: baanicraftsmedia@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest.
Baani Crafts Team